Printing colour leaflets and flyers, leafletseither digitally (for short runs up to 1,000) or traditionally (for longer runs of up to 1 million and beyond), has rarely been easier or quicker to


Our range of leaflet printing presses means that we are the only name you need for your printed leaflets or colour flyers.


From A7 to A1 size leaflets or any custom size in-between, we can trim, fold and die cut your leaflets too. So rather than churning out another dull leaflet, why not talk to us about designing and printing a leaflet that says something special about you?

When it comes to printing up leaflets, you can do your bit for the environment by using our FSC Certification to ensure that your business puts across green credentials. And your printed leaflets produced by Spektrum Printing in Pretoria can display this special eco-certification at no additional cost to you.