Nothing communicates your message newslettersquite like a printed newsletter. Newsletters appear neutral and are respected.

One of the secrets to a successfully printing brochure is actually the design. And at Spektrum Printing in Pretoria we will gladly help with the layout of your newsletter too.

But if you already happen to have your newsletter designed or part design then we are happy to run direct from your supplied newsletter files. We take all kinds of different formats from finished PDF Newsletter files to a whole variety of different desktop publishing packages. Get in touch and we can advise you on how best to provide your newsletter artwork files.

Our giant A1 newsletter printing presses can produce short, medium or long runs in any one of a variety of formats and with the fastest newsletter printing lead times in town.

As a word of advice – running all your newsletter pages on the same material, ideally based on A4 format, and having them in multiples of 8, can give you a stunning looking newsletter at a very reasonable price.

Spektrum Printing in Pretoria can print on the right newsletter paper, for a fraction of the cost.