Stationery (3)

Nowadays anyone can produce low stationeryquantities of printed stationery on their desktop inkjet, but where Spektrum Printers in Pretoria specialises is in producing corporate printed stationery in mass


Our two A2 Heidelberg Speedmaster presses ensure the best possible printed stationery results each time, making our stationery printing service ideal for the “brand aware” corporate company.

We help ensure your printed stationery is consistent

From letterheads to compliments slips, continuation sheets to business cards, along with printed forms and all other types of printed stationery – Spektrum Pretoria Printers can guarantee the production quality time after time – so there is no variation in the quality of your printed stationery.

Online Print Order Management for Printed Stationery

Our top end presses are linked to our fully customised Online Print Management system, making us ideal for multi-site offices. But with our Online Print Management system you can always stay in control by providing only the rights and privileges that you want to staff around the country.