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Printers in Pretoria, Printing and Design of Magazines, Newspapers and any other Litho and Digital

Spektrum printers, a Gauteng-based printing company was established in 1991. With many years of experience in the printing industry, Spektrum Printers can offer unsurpassed quality and service to its clients. Spektrum printers, located in Pretoria, owns a 5000 square meter printing operation.

Spektrum printers, located in Pretoria, is owned by Hugo and Elna Nell.

Spektrum printers, does all commercial printing and keeps up with the latest printing trends and printing machinery.

Spektrum printers, is an executive member of PIFSA.


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RECEPTION: 012 523 5600
Our Address:
153 Hornbill Crescent
Montana, Pretoria
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 5pm
Weekends Closed

Spektrum Print

Spektrum Print now boast a full house of services which includes the full circle of printing, starting from the design, reproduction and plates right through to full colour printing and finishing. His finishing includes all printing necessities like, binding, UV varnishing, saddle stitching, collating, die-cutting, laminating, perforation and folding.