Printing Products

Printing Products

Corporate and Annual Reports

For some organisations an Annual Report is a legal requirement. For others it is a means of sharing past achievements and future plans with clients and shareholders alike. Either way you’re at the right place to find out about getting your Annual Report designed and printed.

Why are we your perfect partner for producing your Annual Report?

Running two giant A2 presses day and night your Annual Reports or other financial documents are in safe hands. We know that deadlines are always critical, and sometimes legally binding, so having the peace of mind that you are working with a firm with back up presses is fundamental to sleeping easy as any deadline approaches.

Latest technology printing presses ensure we are not only able to meet very tight deadlines, but also provide the very best quality finished report and accounts to present to your shareholders.

And perhaps, most importantly of all, we have all the reprographics here under one roof meaning that even those last minute corrections can be swiftly applied.

So for short run Annual Reports to bulk productions of 10,000, 20,000 and beyond, we are geared up to providing an unbeatable and confidential service.


A printed presentation folder or wallet can hold your loose leaf papers, letters, brochures, inserts or documents is quite simply a must-have for the majority of marketing departments. Folders are the ideal hold all environment for printed and supplementary

Folders come in all shapes and sizes with 1 or 2 pockets and even multiple pages.

There is so much flexibility in the way that a printed folder can be designed that they can contain anything from 2 or 20 sheets of paper (without additional folder spine capacity), right through to 50 to 100 pages (with special additional capacity designed into the spine of the folder).

We will help you make the right impression time and again. Rather than buying something off the shelf that does not really fit with your company brand, we can help create a bespoke corporate folder that perfectly suits your needs.

Die cut to the exact shape you want with integral pockets, we can laminate, emboss, varnish or foil to further enhance the look and feel of your folder and to protect your documents.

And unlike other folder printing companies, our printing presses are designed for the folder printing meaning that there are no fiddly folder tabs that will tear and undo. Instead all of our printed folders come fully assembled and glued to ensure the perfect finish every time


Printing colour leaflets and flyers, either digitally (for short runs up to 1,000) or traditionally (for longer runs of up to 1 million and beyond), has rarely been easier or quicker to

Our range of leaflet printing presses means that we are the only name you need for your printed leaflets or colour flyers.

From A7 to A1 size leaflets or any custom size in-between, we can trim, fold and die cut your leaflets too. So rather than churning out another dull leaflet, why not talk to us about designing and printing a leaflet that says something special about you?

When it comes to printing up leaflets, you can do your bit for the environment by using our FSC Certification to ensure that your business puts across green credentials. And your printed leaflets produced by Spektrum Printing in Pretoria can display this special eco-certification at no additional cost to you.


Custom product packaging is a great way to present your product or even printed brochure or sample in some form of bespoke printed packaging. This helps your organisation to stand out from the crowd. From a CD pochette or digipack, through to customised boxes; presenting your product in a unique way help you to target your audience and make your product all the more

Call us to discuss your bespoke printed packaging requirements or email us so that we can discuss your printed packaging needs in more detail.

Of course printed packaging comes in a large number of different shapes and sizes and can be constructed out of printed board (subject to the limitations of weight and presses) or we can print on paper and then wrap over board for a stunning finish.

Sometimes printed packaging needs to be on plastic or other materials and again, we have the skill, experience and knowledge to guide you through all of your printed packaging requirements.


Often used by artists and propagandists, posters offer a unique and eye-catching way of getting your message across. They can be pretty much any size and are generally produced in one of two ways – either litho printed (which suits larger quantities, up to A1 posters printed) or digitally printed (more suitable for one-offs or short run work.)

Posters are typically printed on one side only to allow for affixing to a wall, window or other surface.

When a particular combination of imagery and zeitgeist occur, it is possible for posters to quickly reach iconic status and embed themselves in popular consciousness.

To help protect and enhance the look we can laminate (thin plastic film to one side), encapsulate (film applied to both sides to include a lip – ideal if they are to be exposed to the elements) or mount them (3mm fire resistant foamex board, ideal for presentations and displays). So if it is poster printing you want, Spektrum Printing in Pretoria definitely has the answer.


Nowadays anyone can produce low quantities of printed stationery on their desktop inkjet, but where Spektrum Printers in Pretoria specialises is in producing corporate printed stationery in mass

Our two A2 Heidelberg Speedmaster presses ensure the best possible printed stationery results each time, making our stationery printing service ideal for the “brand aware” corporate company.

We help ensure your printed stationery is consistent

From letterheads to compliments slips, continuation sheets to business cards, along with printed forms and all other types of printed stationery – Spektrum Pretoria Printers can guarantee the production quality time after time – so there is no variation in the quality of your printed stationery.

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  • School Books
  • Tabloids
  • Magazines
  • Invoice Books
  • Training Manuals
  • A5 / A6 Booklets

Book printing at Spektrum can be done in different kind of formats and ranges from A6 up to A2 in size. Shorter runs are printed on our Indigo printer and the larger quantities like magazines and News Papers are printed on our Web Printer. We can print any amount.


Multi-page catalogues quickly and efficiently detail your wares and despite the growth of the internet, people still want to be able to sit down and flick through pages.

We can assist with the design and layout of your catalogue too; or we can just take your catalogue print ready files and quickly, efficiently and cost effectively turn them into your full colour catalogue which will be ready to sell on your behalf.

The options for catalogue printing are endless and the way that you finish your catalogue can have a big influence on how user friendly it is for your clients.

Saddle stitched or Perfect/PUR bound, if you produce or sell an extensive range of products there really is no better way of helping your customers order from you than producing a catalogue, and of course no-one better at producing your printed catalogue than Spektrum Printers in Pretoria.

Brochure Printers

Brochures come in all shapes and sizes. People describe anything from a simple double sided card all the way to a 250pp book as a brochure; well, whatever your requirement between these two extremes, at Spektrum Printing in Pretoria we have the perfect solution to your brochure printing needs and we are located right here in Pretoria, Gauteng

As your shop window to the world, making sure your corporate brochure is printed to the same exacting standards as the products or services you sell is vital to the success of your business. At Spektrum Printing in Pretoria we will guide you through your options; everything from ensuring you have chosen an optimum page size/count to helping you select the right special cover finishes to making sure you are opting for a paper that will best compliment the print going down.

And remember we print using only the best inks.

Running day and night we will produce your company printed brochure with the minimum of fuss and are able to meet even the most demanding of deadlines without compromising on quality.

So whether you need your brochure designed from scratch or you just want your finished artwork printed efficiently and carefully, Spektrum Printing in Pretoria will take care of it for you and deliver stunning results.

Printed Menus

Printed Menus are a specialist item for commercial printers. Of course most printing companies can churn out pizza leaflets, but if you are looking for higher quality printed menus then it is worth turning to restaurant menu printing

In a restaurant, a menu is a presentation of food and beverage offerings. A menu may be a la carte which guests use to choose from a list of options or table d’hôte, in which case a pre-established sequence of courses is served.